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This lab is directly related with soil and foundation. By performing the various field and laboratory test on soil , we can find different properties of soil, shear strength, bearing capacity of soil, CBR value , etc . Are useful to identify the soil and design of pavement, foundation and retaining wall etc


The field of Environmental Engineering, Which is the part of Civil Engineering, is an emerging and required lots of attention of people for the awareness and protection of the our Environment. The laboratory provides all the facilities required for the academic purpose & consultancy work.  The laboratory comprises all the instruments for the monitoring of air pollution, Water testing & Noise level measuring.


The testing and inspection of concrete and concrete aggregates are important elements in obtaining quality construction. The laboratory allows students test to assess the various fresh and hardened concrete properties that may affect the performance of concrete members. There many apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology lab like Sieve Shaker, Compressive testing machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Heat of Hydration apparatus, Permeability apparatus etc.


Surveying laboratory is related to field which determines angles, distance, upto a length of 4000m. A lab also facilitates mass storage data using GIS. Any work weather it is highway, railway, water structure, without surveying it is not feasible.

Mechanics Of Solids

The main objective of the lab is to perform various types of experiments which are relate to the behaviour of solid material, effect during motion, various action of forces, temperature variation and also the slope as well as machine efficiency by the different practical's. This laboratory introduces students to understand the basic properties of material and its behaviour.

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