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Android Development Lab

Android lab covers the latest in android technologies and guide students through best practices to build high quality, Phone and Tablet apps for android. The laboratories form an integral part of the curriculum, providing an environment where students reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of Computer Engineering and apply that knowledge in experimental analysis and problem-solving.

C / C++ Lab

C is a very detailed programming language and is one of the languages that anyone can start with.C programming is a great gateway to become coder. The language is very detailed in every aspect. It gives you a great idea about the storage of values like integers, decimal numbers, characters and strings. It is not an Internet Hoax that C is called as mother of all languages, almost every programming language share some syntax with C language. By learning just this language, you will learn the basic terminologies for all programming languages.


WRITE ONCE RUN ANYWHERE, this lab provides students with the ability to write program in java and apply concepts describe in the object oriented programming course.

Mobile Computing Lab

The main purpose of the laboratory is to support research and learning process related to mobile computing. Student learn to develop their own add-on mobile computing algorithms to improve behaviour of the system.

Data Mining LAB

The emphasis is on finding sound, theoretically motivated algorithms for the central task in data mining like high dimensional clustering, classification algorithms using different data mining tools.

Python Lab

This lab is all about the programming language Python. In this lab, you are going to try out some new ideas in this new programming language. Python is a scripting language that was invented relatively recently, and it was designed above all else to be easy to use and easy to learn, while also being very powerful.

Web Designing & Developing Lab

Web Lab is a programming environment where you can make simple web pages using HTML and CSS. Design your web pages and share your site in seconds

Machine Learning Lab

The Machine Learning Laboratory (MLL) carries out research and develops different theoretical foundations for machine learning such as:Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Multi-agent Systems, Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Blockchains, Explainable and Fair AI

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